Jeff Penny has been studying music from the moment he was handed his first instrument at just eight years old. He instantly fell in love with the art form, striving to learn and perform all he could. However, since the first time Jeff sat down to arrange his first chart, his main passion has shifted towards envisioning and creating his own works. Whether they are original compositions or arrangements, Jeff loves everything about creating his own music and getting to hear an idea develop into a tangible piece of music. He largely draws his inspiration from the soundtracks of video games, anime and movies, as well as a plethora of different music styles.

Once he began his degree program at Berklee College of Music, he realized that it wasn’t only the music that brought fictional worlds to life, but all of the audio.  He became equally enraptured by creating audio assets for games and how those simple little sounds can transport a player in an instant.


In 2017 Jeff won third place in Berklee Video Game Music Club’s Scoring contest.

After receiving a Bachelor of Professional Studies degree in Music Composition for Film, TV and Games, Jeff began working on freelance audio jobs such as Pointless Wars (2017), Ultraball (2017) and helping create hobby games with Gamkedo Club. He also began working as an intern for film composer Simon Taufique.

Using his background, past experiences, and knowledge, Jeff is available to create music and sounds for a wide range of projects. Whether the task is big or small, needs an entire universe of audio or just one piece, he is happy to take on a new venture and broaden his horizons. Have a different style or theme in mind that doesn’t fit what you hear in his demo reel or previous works? Don’t worry, Jeff has experience working in any number of different genres. Please always feel free to contact him with any questions or suggestions.